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The key to a successful offshore delivery model is the customer's perception of how value is created. In our experience, more than sound architecture, efficient coding and operational excellence, the customer needs to gain a comfort level while retaining a sense of control. That is why we consider setting expectations and mutual trust as being of paramount importance.

Working Together towards Success

From our extensive experience across various CRM projects, and customers' principle concerns, we have evolved the following distinct models of customer engagement. Each model addresses a specific level of preparedness on your part. Together, we offer you a wide spectrum of transparent, flexible and responsive outsourcing relationships to choose from - as also a ladder for scalability.


Project / Fixed Bid

Based on the project specifications received from customers, we prepare a proposal that will cover specification documentation, visual aspects, application design, testing, change management, communication protocols, milestones, warranty period, and commercial details.


Time & Material

Can be adopted at any phase of the project such as pre-specification, post-specification, post-architectural design, etc. Typicall it involves Problem & Solution definition, Business Analysis, Design, Development, Testing, rollout and support & Routine maintenance etc.


Remote Team

The team is a remote counterpart to your in-house IT personnel. Engaging an offshore software development team allows you to better focus on your core value competencies and dramatically increase your agility while embracing the expertise of an offshore development team.


Build-Operate Transfer (BOT)

Build a professional software development team with us that you can trust, without having to waste time on establishing legal entities, going through lengthy process of hiring and testing new talents, as well as having to make sure that you are operating under laws and customs?

Engagement Model Comparison

Compare the three engagement models below to decide which suits you best.


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