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If you are a fresher or starting a new career in Salesforce, our Salesforce introductory course is perfect for you to know more about Salesforce and its all type of services !

Technical Training

Build your Salesforce technical knowledge through our offerings at one of our training centers. We provide self paced learning and instructor led sessions.

Customized Training

Let us guide training efforts by creating custom materials & trainings for your team. Sometimes you need content customized for Salesforce environment. We’ve got you covered with our team of expert Learning Consultants.

Get Certified

Get hired, demonstrate clear business impact, and advance your skills with certifications. We deliver a wide range of certification programs that can help you take your career to the next level.


This instructor-led course provides a key step for who are beginning their knowledge of Salesforce in their learning evolution.

Salesforce Overview and Navigation: Sales, Marketing and Customer Service

Provides the participants with a broad overview of Salesforce applications. The participants will be introduced to each of the applications, articulate their business value, and discuss demo core functionality.

Users, Teams, Security Roles, and Security Structure

1) Define your organization, 2) Understand Access rights and privileges, and 3) Role-based security, Record-based security and Field-level security.


Customization and Configuration: 

Customizations, also referred to as CRM extensions, include allocation of simple to complex customizations using CRM Software Development Kit. Configuration on the other hand refers to the structure and administration of the system.

Charts, Dashboards, Workflows, Business Process Flows and Report Wizard

A key benefit of Salesforce is how easily and efficiently you can display data in Charts and Dashboards and configure workflows and create Reports. 


Technical Training

Learn development fundamentals in a Developer Environment for Salesforce. Learn how to customize and extend Salesforce

Developer Training

Understand How Visual Studio is Leveraged with Salesforce; Navigation and Use of Visual Studio; Infrastructure and Authentication; Use of CRM Software Development Kit (SDK); 

Advanced Developer Training

Development Best Practices for Salesforce; Leveraging Available End Points; Execute CRUD Operations Against Organization; Design & Implement Plugins.


Customized Training

Let us guide your training efforts by creating custom materials and labs :

Instructor Guides & Powerpoint Slides

Your master guide to help identify topics and themes as well as provide ideas for activities to build specific skills. Support instruction with visual representation of concepts before a live demonstration.

Custom Online Learning

Our team is passionate about CRM success, that’s why we design and develop online learning solutions that are customized to meet your organization’s unique CRM needs.



A Business Applications competency recognizes those who demonstrate expertise in specific aspects of Salesforce technologies

Salesforce Certified Administrator

This certification demonstrates your expertise in Salesforce configuration and setup, object manager and Lightning app builder, sales and marketing applications, service and support applications, productivity and collaboration, data and analytics management, workflow/process automation.

Platform App Builder

This certification validates that you have the knowledge in Salesforce fundamentals, data modeling and management, business logic and process automation, user interface, app deployment.


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